Monday, July 13, 2009

Strawberries and Spinach

The Gman started harvesting most of the spinach. It is just now barely starting to bolt, so he gathered a large basket full of it. After washing it all, he packed it in bags and we've put it in the fridge crisper.

It will keep well for several weeks in there, and we're enjoying large spinach salads every evening with dinner. Last nite, it was very hot here and we were not overly hungry because of it.

We had a huge spinach salad and added a couple of hard boiled farm eggs, along with a can of tuna....good stuff! Most of the remainder will go off to the hens, they just love it!

The strawberries are coming on with a vengence now! We're still eating them fresh, but within the next few days, we will likely start freezing some to use over the winter in pies and crisps.

Oh and yesterday, I sold a 1 pound bag of mixed greens. I had spinach, beet greens and chard mixed in there.
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Cedar View Paint Horses said...

I'll hafta get you my mother's recipe for spinach/strawberry salad. It's yummy.

Annie said...

Oooh sounds good u have it over on your blog? I'll go take a look

(bad bad Annie... replying 3 months later)

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