Monday, July 13, 2009

Walking Thru the Gardens

Saturday night was the first time I felt well enough to set my feet inside my yard.....I've enjoyed the view from the porch this last week, but was too tired to think I could make it around the yard! Sure I might be able to walk down to the Animal Garden, but would I make it back up the hill and into the house?

So off we went, took the camera long. I did a lot of oohing and aaahing over the progress. It is amazing how things have grown in one week!

#1 greenhouse....tomatoes are coming on very nicely. Of course, everything needs to be weeded, but that won't happen for awhile.

The Main Veggie Garden.....

 can see where they got hit by the frost 2 weeks ago. Luckily, there was enuf green growth on there still for them to keep growing.

The upper right of the main garden....from left to right - carrots, turnips, spinach, beets, chard.

Turnips, got those thinned before going to the hospital

Carrots - they ended up being sparser than I hoped. I did them with the seeder, so am not sure if I didn't have it set right or what happened.

Beans growing like crazy, after a slow start....all that rain, plus several hot days was just what they needed.

Cabbages - with my Birkenstock in there to give an idea of the size of the cabbages.

Broccoli starting to develop their heads

Long shot of the Broccoli row....all the leaves off these veggies will end up going to the animals to eat.

Onions with Sugar Snap Peas behind. The onions got nailed in the big wind the other day...some of the greens are broken right off.

Collards - anyone out there with a good recipe for these? We don't know how to cook them. We tried them steamed....

Zuccini - the row cover has been taken off for the next couple of days, as it's supposed to stay warm overnight (ditto for the beans)

Zuccini starting to fruit.


Alaska Peas in bloom now....these are growing around the garden perimeter

A far off view of the Animal Garden

Potatoes in the Barn Garden. They've been hilled, but looks like the chickweed is getting out of hand! Maybe I'll try to pen some hens in there for an afternoon, they'd probably do some weeding for us. (Too much work around here for humans right now)

Animal Garden (with pig house in background) is looking more lush every day.

Mangels (that need thinning)

Sugar Beet - this is one I started earlier indoors. Check out the white root on it!

Lots and lotsa Carrots! And a pig in the background....

More mangels, sugar beets, red beets and rutabagas.....

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Joanne said...

Wow Annie, your garden is exploding compared to mine! Zucchini showing fruit already??? Yikes! Glad to hear that you are starting to feel better. We butchered an 8.5 lb chicken this week-end and I thought of that photo of yours.

Captain Hook and Lady Crochet said...

I am really jealious!!! I have not been able to put in a garden...and I won't until Fall..:(

It really looks lovely!

Cicero Sings said...

A walk-about ... steady progress!

It is amazing how much the garden can take off in one week. You have an amazing garden. Mine is behind yours some but I was a bit late this year. Ours is a tiny garden compared to yours.

Aunt Krissy said...

Nice garden, I will be thinking of you today while your at the DR.

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