Monday, March 29, 2010

Listening to Joel Salatin

Saturday, we were in Quesnel to listen to Joel Salatin from Polyface Farms. It was such a treat! The whole group was listening intently to what he had to say about farm management.

He talked about the way he farms naturally, raising beef, meat birds, pigs and laying hens in addition to managing the woodlot on the family farm in Virginia.

Grass fed beef are rotated thru pastures, followed by the laying hens who earn their keep by flinging cow patties everywhere spreading all the manure. A nice bonus are the bounty of eggs they lay.

He runs his meat birds thru tractors in the fields, moving the tractors daily to fresh grass.

His books are a wealth of information, if you are interested, pick one up!

And...altho it was a great weekend.....

it's Always so nice to come back Home!
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Tim and Kari O'Brien said...

Yeah! You got some eggs today too. Home always feels so good and the easy pace will sink into your bones and soothe the soul! I am glad you enjoyed Joel Salatin. It looks like you had a much smaller group and you got to sit so close to the front! Did you get any of his books?
Keep counting the eggs!

Tonia said...

He is very inspiring to listen too! I was a little skeptical when I first heard about him but if someone doesnt do it half heartedly and really puts an effort into it then his methods Do work and they work well! We managed a farm for a lady for a year who "Said" she wanted to raise things like him but wouldnt really put the money into the project like was needed and she did have it. We got fed up and left because she was all talk. But he is definitely worth listening too..I thought anyway!

Robin said...

There are several videos on youtube that feature Joel. Seeing what he does is inspiring.

Annie said...

From reading his books and listening to him speak, I didn't think the costs would be very high to do it like Joel does. I'm surprised Tonia that your farmlady wouldn't go for it!

Kari, I think we sat three rows back...but Joanne from is in the picture wearing the green vest. She was RIGHT in front of him.

Thanks Robin, for letting us know about youtube vids from Joel!

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