Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Drying Herbs and Freezing Rhubarb

(originally posted August 10, 2010....reposting because I am suffering from gardening withdrawals and need to see some pretty pictures of fresh food and flowers!)

I did a good harvest of the Berry Bed yesterday....

here's a bunch of chives. I snipped them and set them on cookie sheets to dry.

Over here, you can see another way I use to dry our herbs....

We will be moving the rhubarb plants into their new beds this year, so I pulled most of the rhubarb of the one plant.

It's important to remember, if you want rhubarb to continuing growing, do NOT pull all the stalks. Leave some!

A basket full of lovage! Lovage has a celery like taste, it is really good!

 I snipped the leaves and now they are also drying on cookie sheets.

I used the food processor on the rhubarb, measured 4 cups into each Ziplock...

now they are in the deep freeze, to be dealt with later!
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The Mom said...

Yummy rhubarb!

umbrellalady said...

I have also frozen a ton of rhubarb but didn't think to put it through the food processor - it would take up so much less room! What a good idea!
Do you find that freezing chives is better or drying them, in terms of flavour?

Annie said...

Umbrellalady, freezing the chives would be better, they would have more flavour.

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