Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to Make Parsley Wine

Apparently, we don't have enuf to do.....yesterday the Gman turns to me and says

"Can I have a pound of that fresh parsley in the garden? I want to make wine."

Huh? Parsley Wine? Never heard of it....

So he showed me the recipe in this book we have....

"For a gallon of this wine, take a pound of freshly picked parsley..... it in an earthenware bowl...

... pour on it eight pints of boiling water.

Let the parsley infuse for three days.....

At the end of that time strain off the liquor into a preserving pan. Put into it half a pound of fine raisins, well chopped, together with the pulp and juice of a lemon and an orange, and the thinly peeled rind of the orange.

Simmer this liquid for an hour and at the end of that time, stir in three pounds of white sugar and allow it to cool.

When it is lukewarm, draw off a pint of the liquid and prepare a starter with a little yeast.

As soon as it begins to froth, strain, and with the rest of the liquid, into a stone jar. Leave it to ferment, covered well with a thick cloth.

This wine can usually be bottled after six weeks and will be fit to drink almost immediately.

In a year's time, it will have lost a good deal of its sweetness and will be an excellent table wine."

This recipe comes from "Making Wines at Home" by Jack Levett. Published in England in 1958, it's a fun read (altho if you're a feminist, it will raise your hackles a few times whilst reading!). Apparently only men drank wine then...ha!

So, we are giving Parsley Wine a try and we'll let you know how it tastes....hiccup!

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Dani said...

That sounds delicious - how much yeast? Is it green? (yellow after seeping?)

I've just discovered that apparently parsnip wine is also amazing - so have just ordered parsnip seeds - they should arrive / be planted this week. But parsely - I've got plenty!

Thanks for the recipe - would you like the parsnip one?

Cindy said...

Oh Annie! That sounds like an interesting wine!

I will be anxious to hear how it tastes.

Linda Foley said...

As I was reading, I thought "I have to ask what book that is". I see I didn't have to ask after all!

The wine does sound interesting!

Annie said...

Dani look for an updated picture about the wine soon....I have so many pics and so little time it seems!

My friend makes parsnip wine, it is very good!!

Annie said...

Dani, I still need to get the updated post up....but....the parsley wine is more of a golden colour now.

As for yeast, it is one packet (2 1/4 tsp) per 5 gallons of u have to adjust it accordingly.

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