Saturday, September 18, 2010

Well....We Went Fishing....

We loaded our little fiberglass boat onto the car trailer and took off for a

lake about an hour from here....

We picked a Fantastic day to be out on the water. No rain showers, no gusts of wind....

just beautiful sunshine.

We can really see the leaves starting to turn. Fall is here along with

her cooler temperatures and frosty mornings. Afternoons are just glorious!

Unfortunately, we and I mean ME....only got one fish into the boat. A little guy, he tasted wonderful for dinner that night.  We had lots of hits and a few fish we got close to the boat before they were able to get off the hook.

We may go fishing again this afternoon, if we get a bunch of chores done in the garden!
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1 comment:

Linda Foley said...

He may be little but he sure looks like he would be tasty! I haven't had trout in a coons age and that simply means since I left Alaska!

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