Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vote on Senate Bill 510 has Been Delayed until November 29th - ACT NOW

(I received this from a blog reader - Important stuff....If you're an American interested in protecting YOUR personal food supply, eg. your own gardens and greenhouses, do your part!)

The final floor vote on Senate Bill 510 has been delayed until November 29th, giving us all more time to oppose this dangerous new expansion of FDA power into our farms, greenhouses, farmer's markets and seeds.

Here's the latest update on the status of this bill, including an attempted amendment to kill the 1099 paperwork nightmare that was passed into law as part of Obamacare legislation:

In today's editorial, I ask the commonsense question: Can we really trust the FDA with yet more power over our food? This is an agency steeped in fraud, corruption and politics, and it is responsible for the deaths of countless millions of Americans over the last two decades. Read why: Sphere: Related Content

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