Sunday, February 24, 2008

The weekend

Yesterday morning we went into town (40 minutes away) early, so we could go to the Book Sale at the! We packed 2 bags full of books for $2.00! The G man got books on diesel engines, bears, a field guide on North American wildlife and a bunch of others.

I grabbed about 8 novels, several books on gardening, raising poultry and a historic book on the settling of Roberts Creek, on the Sunshine Coast of BC (close to where we used to live)

I love to read, I could spend every winter afternoon curled up with a good book!

Last night, we had dinner in our little town with a group of farmers, always interesting to hear what they have to say! We have so much to learn....

today we are going to just take it easy and probably go for a walk later on. It's a beautiful sunny day out there!
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