Saturday, March 22, 2008

3 Little Pigs

Our pigs are here and are settling in....we picked them up this morning not too far from where we live....this is how we transported them. It's one of those big totes you can get at Walmart or Canadian Tire....G improvised a lid and we hold it together with a bungee cord....high tech, eh?

We thew a little hay in there, and fit 3 piggies in there all right....wouldn't want to try 4 tho, a little tight!

We set the carrier right in their house....then carefully tipped the carrier over, and let them out. We did that so they would know their little house. Last year, we just lifted the piglets out of the carrier and set them on the ground inside their pig run. They couldn't figure out where their house was....getting them in their house that first night involved flashlights and a salmon net....don't ask...

So, this morning they probably stayed inside their house maybe 10 minutes, then they all started inching towards the door. About 5 minutes later, the first one had stepped outside, and the other 2 followed a couple minutes later.

Next thing we knew, they were eating the food we had put down for them, rooting up a bit of dirt, and gnawing on the wooden waterer....they also each got zapped by the electric fence at least 3 times each, so we figure they have learned that one!!

We spent a good part of the day down at the barn, and the G man framed in one wall for our eventual meat bird room. We'd check on the piglets every hour or so, they seemed to spend a lot of this afternoon sleeping in their house, all piled up on each other, snuggled in the hay.

Let's just hope they are still there in the morning! We have this part of our acreage all fenced in, so they can't go too far and can't get into too much trouble....I think.
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