Monday, March 3, 2008

Simple Sawmill Setup

Since we moved here nearly 2 years ago we have been taking down lots of trees, dead pine from the mountain pine beetle.

Most people in the area have written off the trees as firewood, which is a real shame, because a good percentage of the wood is great for milling into usable lumber.
I started out with my Husky 2100 saw with a 36" bar. I fabbed up a simple jig / carriage on steel V wheels. I then mounted two pieces of angle iron on my car trailer. To hold the log in place I drove a bunch of nails through a 2x4 and mounted it with the nails pointing up. I used 3 of these to accomadate different length logs.

So far I have cut lumber to build the barn, (still not finished). This includes square posts for the main structure, 2x6 for framing walls, and 1" boards for siding. I also cut the boards for the rafters and strapping, and lots of 2" boards for hog fencing.

So far the barn we are building has only cost us for the tin roof and some spikes and nails. Oh and a few gal. of gas for the saw.

There are a few tricks to make the mill cut good. Filing the chain properly is the key to getting a nice finish and a efficient cut.

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