Thursday, March 20, 2008

Too Much On Our Plate

Oy! There isn't enough time in the day....we are busy busy busy....we have 3 piglets coming on Saturday, and we still need to finish off the fencing for their new run.

There are seeds to be started, taxes to finish getting ready, changes have to be made in my trading account, a choppy market to play. Yesterday we ended up being away almost all day, and altho it was great to get away, our minds are full with what needs to be done around here.

We picked up yet another extension cord and timer, this one for the piggy's house. I'm still waiting on my Lindenberg seed order, altho I don't need those to get started. The G man hung up my grow lights in the basement the other day, and we picked up more Sunshine Mix 4 yesterday, so I can start at any time....

The great news is that G is feeling much better every single day, thank goodness! Just a few more days of operating at a slower speed, and he will be just fine. Now THAT'S the best news I have had in awhile.

Hospital food doesn't seem to be conducive to good health, unfortunately. He has lost some weight, but now that the home cooking is happening again, he is gaining his strength back. So it looks like we can move on from the stress of last week, weeeeeeeeee!!! Sphere: Related Content

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