Monday, April 7, 2008

Seedling Update

I moved the green cabbage seedlings upstairs this morning, now they can sit in the sun in the living room.

Looks like I have 43 plants....I doubleseeded a couple of cups, lol....

This is a Great corner for seedlings...3 windows, tons of they should be just fine.

NONE of my peppers are up yet. I started the first of them Mar 25....I asked over in the Gardening Forum of Homesteading today to see if there was still any hope. Better news than I expected...a couple of posters have let me know there is still a good chance they will come up. Seems they take longer to germinate than I remembered.

As for the flowers I started, at this point I have 5 Rudbeckia and 0 Coreopsis....sniff hoping one morning I will go check on them and see green across the table! Sphere: Related Content

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