Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!!

I think it's here....spring that is....we've had nice warm temperatures, most of the snow is's quite wonderful! I walked around yesterday and checked some plants for signs of life.
Over at the main veggie garden, enuf snow has melted to show me that the fall rye is growing! I seed the garden early every fall with fall rye. It will help improve the garden soil. I broadcast it on the whole garden. In spring, it will hopefully grow enough so that we can make one cutting to use for feed for the chickens...then the G man will till the rest under, right back into the garden.
After that we wait maybe 3 weeks at most, then start planting the veggies. The soil here is heavy clay, and it takes time to improve the soil. Although seeding the rye does shorten our growing season by a bit (in that we can't plant a fall garden at this point) I think it's better for us to generally improve the soil of the garden.
Over time, we will likely be able to discontinue the rye and then we can extend our growing season by a month or so....
Then I walked over to the "berry bed" and saw the Chives are coming up! Amazing to me that plants actually are growing under all that snow...
And here are some irises coming back up! Happy days! I'll get in there over the next week and start cleaning up the beds, removing the dead growth and leaves, etc....
And here's the rhubarb just poking thru! And we should be able to harvest some this year....we just planted two rhubarb last year (got the roots from a friend), looks like they are off to a good start!
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