Thursday, April 24, 2008

Swapping Motors

I had mentioned the G man has been swapping the motors between the two Ford trucks....probably at some point, he will have time to put a post on this blog with pictures show what he has done.

In the meantime, if you want, head over here and see his pics. He has been corresponding with people over there to find out some answers etc....

the G man has really impressed me with this huge job! I have gone out to yak with him and looked in the trucks...what a tangle of wires, parts, pieces, it is unreal....since I have zero knowledge about it, I would just shake my head and walk away....

The other day I was in the front yard working, and I heard something I hadn't heard in many weeks...I heard our truck start! I looked over at him and he had a big smile on his face! A few days later, I heard the horn honk....later that day I heard the stereo playing. He's quite amazing, the G man is! Sphere: Related Content

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