Friday, May 30, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Back from our little road trip, and right back into the action around here.....I've moved 14 of the tomato plants outside during the days, to start hardening them off a bit. They'll go in the greenhouse, but the Gman wants them hardened off somewhat, as our nights still get on the cold side....

The zuccini and acorn squash are also outside hardening off....I'm hoping to get them in the garden this weekend...also have to still plant the beans, and find a place for the rest of the peppers....

We've set up the temporary meat bird houses (we'll use those for the first 2 weeks) in G's shop....this will make it a lot more convenient to check on the little chicks. Instead of going down to the barn, I can just trot down to his shop in the basement, and make sure all is well. They should get here Jun 4....

I'll try to take some pictures this afternoon and put them up! Sphere: Related Content

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