Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ok, well, we've been getting a lot of stuff done in the last few days...we feel like we have! This morning we had a clean up fire again down around the barn...
Yesterday we put up a temporary chicken coop with a run. We want to find out if our oldest three hens are still laying...we think so, but we want to be sure. So, over time, we can move birds in and determine who is laying and who isn't.

We put up the tomato greenhouse, and dragged the pieces out for the other greenhouse....I finished planting potatoes in the main garden, and put straw down on the main pathway.
I potted up 6 of the peppers, they'll spend their days on the deck and I'll bring them in at night (for awhile anyway). We hung up the hammock near the new sitting area. If you look at the pic, you'll see a large rock....the Gman put that inside the yard (using his machine) and then let it roll down the slope.

Eventually, I would really like to use that rock as the table for us to use when sitting in our lounge chairs down there...we just gotta roll in down the hill a little more!

And today I got a good start on the comfrey bed.....this is as good a place as any, and comfrey can be very pretty, I think I will like the way it looks against the rocks in the background!

This morning, we worked on this hideous part of the property (the woodroom)...I Hate the way it looks! But, it's not that high on the priority list.

We're stuck with this woodroom for at least another year. So we figured we would take a
morning and start cleaning up around it....
The Gman took down a few of the trees, so the remaining ones will have more space....

Then we sorted out a bunch of the wood and made a burnpile. We would have had a fire today, but it got a bit too windy later in the morning....hopefully that fire can still happen before summer...

Took a late afternoon walk in the garden...we have about 5 or 6 asparagus up. Fantastic! We started this bed last year, so we have been hoping and hoping the asparagus would make it thru.
We'll pick a few spears over the next week, and then leave it alone. This should help it get well established.

I noticed that some of my chives are heading up, to send out flowers....gonna be pretty!
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david santos said...

Excellent work, Anni, excellent!

Annie said...

Thank you David for visiting our blog and leaving your comment!

Glad to see we have folks reading along on our adventure - please stop by again!


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