Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tilling the Garden!

Oh Happy Day...I thought this day would never come....but it has, spring has defintely sprung!

Late yesterday afternoon, the Gman started tilling the top portion of our main veggie garden....

When we moved up here, we noticed that our friends had a rototiller...."could we please borrow it for a couple of days?" we asked....." can borrow it, as long as you DON'T bring it back". Well.....Sweeeet! Turns out, they were beginning to get out of veggie gardening, as we were starting, lol!

Dirt looks pretty good....not as dark and rich looking as we would like, but looks much better than last year....

Still too wet to plant, a week or so should do it, which is just about right, because we want to let that rye start to break down into the soil.... Sphere: Related Content

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