Thursday, May 15, 2008

Transplanting Tomatoes

Today I got the tomatoes transplanted....

I save all our beer cans...these are the "kits' we use to make our homemade beer....anyway, I punched 3 holes in the bottom of each can, and filled about 2/3 with Sunshine Mix. Add a bit of water, then get ready to plant.
I pinched off the bottom two leaves on the tomatoes, and buried them deep up their stems into the soil....this will help develop longer roots on each plant.
The tomatoes will be able to stay in these pots until it's time for them to go into the garden..about 3 weeks from now....
Then I brought them upstairs and put them in the windows in the living room....the overflow has ended up on the high table in the living room.
I've been moving and rearranging plants upstairs...the cabbage is still spending the days outside, hardening off. I'll be able to put them in the garden in a couple of days.
I also started bringing out the sugar beets today (two trays worth) and setting them on the porch. Time for them to start hardening off too...if I'm lucky, I'll be able to spend some time planting in the garden in the next few days. Next up for hardening off are the broccoli and cauliflower seedlings.
The G man got the final wall (future swinging double doors) up down in the meat bird room, so we got that insulated and tar papered this afternoon. the last couple of days I have started work on our seating's turning out ok, still lots to do there tho! Maybe tomorrow I can take a few pics and get them posted.....
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