Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chickens and Eggs

Here's the temporary chicken house we put into place...this actually used to be used as housing for a goat the previous owners had....then we used it to house our first four hens. Once we started adding more birds, we got the chicken coop down at the barn finished and moved them all in there....

Now we've set it up so we can separate some of the birds, try to find out who is laying and who isn't...cuz they defintely are NOT all laying right the moment, we have two birds in there. So this morning, I went down to gather eggs and feed everybody and, looking in the temporary coop, I found the 2 eggs closest to the bottom of the picture....hmmmmm. One huge one, one teeny tiny one.....these are from two of my oldest girls, the first ones I got. They would be just starting their third season now. Sphere: Related Content

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