Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chickens and more Fencing

I gotta tell ya, altho I love the idea of our hens being able to be out on their own all afternoon, there are times when they drive me NUTS.....boy, do they Love to be underfoot all the time. They want to follow me around everywhere, and heaven forbid I should have a shovel in my hand! If they see that, they run over to me in hopes that I am going to do some digging, and They will have a much easier time finding their worms, lol!

I've tripped over them....I've stumbled myself because I didn't want to trip over them...they follow the Gman around just the same way. And here we are with all these things to still get into place...well, I came up with another solution....

I made them another temporary run! I removed the fencing that was dividing the berry bed...and also removed it around that third strawberry bed....the girls have done their job in there and they have done it well!

So I ran the fencing between the pig run and the chicken run....same on the other end. So we have ended up with a nice rectangular large area that they can go hang out in the bugs, eat worms, lay in the sun...they can do anything they want, except get under our feet! And now, we can get some work done!

And a pic of the oregano, I was walking by and noticed it again, it's looking really healthy! This afternoon I am getting back out there to get some more stuff done down at the barn...the sun is shining, but it's not too hot. Actually, a great afternoon to work out in the yard!
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