Sunday, June 22, 2008

Garden Pics

We've been working in the gardens, trying to keep up with the weeding...for the most part it's going well....a couple more sections need the First Weeding done, but the majority has been taken care of for the next week or so (hopefully!)

I took some pictures this afternoon.....

the Peas are coming up quite nicely....

boy does that Carrot bed need to be weeded!

The zuccini would love to flower....we just need some heat

Spinach - we've picked the first leaves....yummy in salad!

Here's the bed down at the barn....sugar beets, mangels, rutabagas and potatoes ( those freezers in the background hold our animal feed pellets). This year, we have to get the walls up to enclose that feed room.

Really needed to thin the radishes, so pulled a bunch...very tasty!

And...a pic from on the porch...our main veggie garden...finally, it's beginning to look like something!

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