Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Another Hot One Today!

Took this at 4pm....36 degrees. Not much accomplished outside today (yet) - it is wayyy too hot to stay out there for long....I may go out again later and try to get something done

It was hot yesterday too....I felt like getting something done, but didn't want to exert myself too much :)

So, I thought I would tackle the clean up of all my potting supplies...the potting room downstairs was a terrible mess...and the seedling room still need to be cleaned up as well.....

I brought everything outside, sat in the shade under the aspen trees and washed it all in a bucket of bleachy soapy water...rinsed everything off and let it dry in the, I can put it all away and know I am ready for next year.

Those peppers I put into pots awhile back sure are doing well....tho the pic is kinda dark, you can see the flowers. I moved it from the sun into the shade on the porch a little while ago, the leaves were drooping a bit, I guess from the heat. Sphere: Related Content

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