Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meat Bird Update

Back from town, and went down to feed the animals and so I snapped a few pics....

They are almost fully feathered....on most of the birds, it is just the head feathers that need to come in now....if we had our outdoor runs completed, we would at this point, be able to let them outside during the day...if the weather is nice.

But time is getting away on us, and it could be another week or two before we can get those runs the meantime, the birds will just stay in their room....they have Lots of space in there....and during the day we open the windows (3 of them) and the window in the door is open as well, so they do have lots of ventilation, which is important.
Look at the legs on these guys/ this point, we can probably start calling them Frankenchickens....Big Big feet under Big Big Legs...all the better to hold them up once they start filling out more!
There are Always going to be a couple that develop leg happens. See this bird in the middle of pic on the left? He has a bit of trouble getting around...not that it's a problem for him to get to the feeder....he's just a bit slower than the others.
Leg problems are relatively common with Cornish Giants....
I am surprised this year how Active some of them are...they really bop around quite quickly! these birds are now 3 weeks and 1 day old....another 5 weeks and they will head off to freezer camp.
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