Monday, June 30, 2008

Meat Birds

The Frankenchickens are on the grow! And they are drinking a LOT of water in these last couple of very hot days.....we're refilling that large waterer every 24 hours....there is maybe a gallon left in it when we go to clean it all out and refill it....Cleaning out the waterers is Really Important...they need access to Clean Water.

It's been so hot here that we turned off the brooder lights yesterday, they definitely aren't needed right now.

You can see all the chickens at the feeder...we have started putting feed down in piles around the room. This should help All the birds get fed. It's amazing how "ruthless" these chicks are when it comes to being first around the feed hopper....

We've got the windows open all day, and close two of them at night...that leaves the birds with one window open all night long. Plus the window in the door, that stays open too....

When the weather changes, we'll be sure to adjust the ventilation and heating. Sphere: Related Content

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