Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Peek in the Garden

We've been really busy the last few days, it is mid spring after all, I'm sure everyone is busy these days!'s been raining a fair bit, which makes it easier for doing some of the watering...but the negative is that the grass is growing like mad and the weeds are too....and finding time to mow the lawn is hard to do.
The garden is wet enough that it makes it tough to get in there to do some weeding....anyway, managed to take a few pictures of how things are coming along:

These are the tomatoes in the greenhouse under the porch....coming along quite nicely.

Mangels are just starting to come up

The cabbage seems to be doing great, very hardy!

Broccoli and cauliflower holding their own

The strawberries are getting lots of flowers now....

The zuccini is still's under floating row cover

Here's the row cover, over all the zuccini and 3 acorn the veggies grow, the cover rises with them....on warm days, I'll take the cover off in the daytime. I'm holding them down with firewood, the wind doesn't take them away!

Onions up and doing well

And the peas are up...both along the fenceline and in the double garden row we planted....

I sure hope this garden dries out well in the next few days....the weeds are popping everywhere. They love this rain as much as the veggies do!

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