Thursday, June 5, 2008

Peppers and Tomatoes All Over the Place!

I have moved Almost everything outside...most of it is planted already. Except my peppers and about half of the tomatoes.....we NEED to get the second greenhouse up. But circumstances are dictating that won't happen until Saturday.

Meanwhile, I have Habanero peppers starting to flower...these are still in the original styrofoam cups I started them in! One of my girls is going to take about 6 of them this weekend, thank goodness! That will still leave us with plenty!

And tomatoes, well I still have them in every windowsill and on every table in the living room....they are getting awfully leggy and wayyyyy too tall to still be in the house....but what can I do? Prop them up against stuff and hope they will be ok by Saturday.....they're so embarassing looking, I refuse to take their pic!'s pouring outside today! I'm worrying over the zuccini in the garden, it's probably smushed flat by soon as it stops raining for a few minutes, I'll go out and take a look!
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