Friday, July 11, 2008

1 Frickin Degree This Morning!

Well, I don't know how to say it any other way! 1 Frickin degree Celsius this morning when the Gman rolled out of bed at 6:30.....I had woken up during the night and thought, ooooh I'm cold, but rolled over and fell asleep again....

well, we had a touch of frost during the night....when the Gman went down to the barn first thing, he noticed water FROZEN in the wheelbarrow! Uh, hello, it is July 11th, the middle of summer! Stop with the cool temps already!!!

We Sighed with relief that yesterday late afternoon, it started cooling down, so much that we closed both greenhouse doors AND put the row covers on the zuccini and green beans....I haven't taken a look at them yet....but I'm headed out in the next few minutes....I'll take a peek, but I'm scared....nah, they should be ok, those covers add 3 - 4 degrees....should be fine.

this morning lucky us, we get to clean out the meat bird room....sigh! Better get going Sphere: Related Content


Joan said...

I saw your address on Ree's blog, and hey, I love it. I never thought of leaving the stems on beets so they don't bleed as much before pickling.

Nice to meetcha...I'm not a farmer, buy grew up in the country.

Annie said...

Thank you Joan! I love Ree's blog....have to check in there every day!

Do you have a blog that I can look at?

I don't think I'm a farmer (yet) either....but I'm gonna keep trying :)


Linda Foley said...

Hi Annie! Wow 1 degree Celcius (33.8F)! That was pretty chilly! I think it will be a while before we see those temps here again. But with the weather the way it is this year, fall could come early.

Annie said...

Hi Linda....we were quite shocked! But that can happen, a friend up here lost all her beans one year July a frost! Makes me glad we got those row covers!

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