Sunday, July 6, 2008

Garden Pics

I took these yesterday...the garden is really beginning to shape up....

The garlic is beginning to get its scapes....they look pretty cool....and they taste good too! If you want your garlic heads to get as large as possible, it's important to remove these scapes. That way, all the energy goes back into forming the head. We lightly steam the scapes, they're delicious!

That is buckwheat growing in the background. It supposedly takes only 5 weeks or so to mature, should make great green manure, we'll see.....

Most of the peas are flowering now....this cool spring should help improve the pea harvest.

And the zuccini is flowering like crazy....we haven't had the row covers on for probably 10 days or so....our night temperatures are about 16 or 17 C, which is unusual for up here!

And a new pic of the main veggie garden....

Last night, we went to a friends for a barbeque and had a really good time....this morning, we're going for coffee with the neighbourhood, then we'll probably get some more stuff done around here...or lay in the hammock....hmmmmm, pretty easy decision as I see it! Sphere: Related Content

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