Monday, July 28, 2008

Learning about Gun Safety ( A Young Man's First Lesson)

I mentioned earlier that we had company last week....the Gman's cousin and her son came from the Big City to spend a couple of days in the country with us. It sure was nice to have them! We ate good food, spent time down at the barn with the animals, and just had an all around relaxing time.....

Charlotte and I went for a walk with my friend out in the woods. We learned lots about wild berries and plants and had a great time.....when we went home, this is what we found....

Need a closer look? Here....

Yes, you're right...the guys put TARGETS in the garden!!! Yikes!!!

Nervously, I asked the Gman..."you're not aiming at the zuccinis, are you????"

Found out he had spent about an hour explaining firearm safety to Daniel....apparently, it sunk in. Daniel was holding the gun properly, Pointed Down (Thank God!)....and the two of them were shooting off the porch. Yes, right off the porch....we tend to do that up here!
There is absolutely nothing but trees, trees, and more trees on the other side of the, it's safe to shoot in that direction. Of course, between the porch and the valley is the veggie garden. There was a good chance bullets would be ripping into my cabbages and heaven forbid, those Mangels.
OK, so we sat and watched them...the 2 guys with their gun....they took turns. Daniel, with great care and concentration, would try to hit one of the three targets. And it worked....OK, next challenge....
They filled a 4 litre jug of water and drew a target on it. The Gman set it on one of the posts down at the garden fence...and took a shot....and missed (don't tell him you read that!) OK, Daniel's turn...he lined it up, took his time, and then fired.
KABOOOOOM! There went the jug flying in the air, water going everywhere...boy I would have loved to get a shot of that....Unfortunately, I had my ears covered, my eyes closed, and had broken out into a sweat by that point. BUT, he Nailed it!
There was also a beer can (empty, thank goodness, or that would have been a Terrible Waste!) sitting on one of those fence posts....Daniel turns to his Mom and says "I'm gonna try for that can"....Charlotte and I looked at each other, probably thinking the same thing, that being, That's a pretty small target compared to the last one you just blasted into space.
But, ding dang, you know what??? First shot and the can goes flying! You shoulda seen the smile on Daniel's face....he sure did a Great Job!
(and he took the exploded water jug home with him, as a souvenir....and also to prove to his older brother that, Yes....he really did Nail it!)
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JJJ said...

You have such a beautiful place! Love the garden! I check in here frequently. We live on Whidbey Island, WA on 5 acres. Keep up the great posts!

(Loved the excavator ride!!) :-)

Anonymous said...

That garden looks awesome Annie! Wow!!! Maybe mine will look as good next year, eh?

Annie said...

Hi JJJ and Linda, thanks for your comments....Whidbey Island is a beautiful place and 5 acres would be heavenly there! Do You have a blog JJJ? Please send a link if you do, so we can all check it out!

JJJ said...

Ooop, just checking back here. Here is my blog, but unfortunately not as updated as yours. My 3 kiddos keep me too busy to fully document the garden, etc. Reminds me, I should get another picture of that up soon! :-)

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