Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Meat Bird Update

The meatbirds are 7 weeks old more week and they should be close to going to freezer camp....We will likely let at least a few of them back and let them stay for another 2 weeks or so....
Some of the cockerels are getting pretty darn big...just what we want to see!

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Anonymous said...

I came across your journal via another (the pioneer woman I think) and have been enjoying your photos and posts. Tell me more about meat birds. Are they what I would call Fryer Chickens? I'm in the Midwest of the US, right on the edge of the Great Plains.

Annie said...

Hi Osageacres! Thanks for your comments....our meat birds are Cornish Giants. They're more like a roaster, because of their size when finished. We have some already around 6 pounds....and they'll be 8 weeks old next Wednesday.

If you look on the right sidebar you will see "MeatBirds" under my Lables. Just click on that to pull up all the posts we've done pertaining to the birds.

If you have a blog, would you please supply a link? I would love to take a look at it!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I should have left my name too. I'm Michelle, btw. My journal is at I've just come back to my blogspot journal. I've never been very good at journaling, but there is more that I want to say, keep track of and remember, so I'm trying to become a clearer and consistent writer.

Ok, so they are a roasting, fryer chicken. 6 lbs, wow. What's the dressed size of the bird? Usually the ones I buy are 3-4 lbs. I'll go look at the links on your page. Should have done that too. :)

Off to read your post about hay.

Annie said...

Hi Michelle, thanks for your blog link, I will check it out. Last year our average weight was 5.4 pounds....our biggest I think was 7.8.

Looks like we are going to start sending them off to freezer camp this afternoon! So in a few days, I will be able to post on some actual weights....

Anonymous said...

Wm, my husband, and I got a kick out of the name "Freezer Camp." Congrats on getting the birds grown and off for processing!

You asked about the corn on another post, I'm about half done. With the kids and everything else we got 44 ears done last night and have about the same to do tonight. I didn't grow the corn, but bought it at a store that sells local produce. I wasn't finding consistency at the farmer's market this year, so went with a local store that sells local produce. I know at least I'm getting a good, consistent product for the 30 qts I'm trying to get up for the winter.

We live in the suburbs of a large midwest town. On our 1/3 acre we can grow some, but I'm limited in time, money and space. Thankfully being in the midwest we're not too far from farmers and can get good product.

Annie said...

Hi Michelle, that's great that you live close enuf to farmers! We have to drive probably 3 hours south to get to the farm markets...we usually stop on our way down to the West Coast, as we go there to see family in late fall.

Good to hear you've got a good start on your corn, getting it canned up...always a lot of work!

I've bookmarked your blog, and will peek at it when I get some time....


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