Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mudhole and Pigs

We've got a mudhole for the 3 Little Pigs....they just Love it! Since pigs can't sweat, they need a way to cool down on hot days......

Stubby drinking from the hose.....

Stubby's getting ready for his bellyflop

Almost there


Enjoy your Saturday....we're breaking loose from the farm and going fishing! Yeehaw!
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Anonymous said...

When you were a city girl, did you ever imagine you would find the antics of pigs to be a subject to share with your friends?!
Sooz in NV

Midlife Mom said...

Your pigs are a riot! I got a good chuckle looking at the pictures of Stubby getting in the mud! Do you have horses?

Annie said...

Hi Sooz! I never would have thought I'd end up where I am, lol! But we sure are loving it...I think pigs would be the last animal I would have thought I would be raising! They sure are fun tho...they keep us laughing....have a great day!


Annie said...

Midlife Mom, thanks for your comments! No horses here (yet) although the Gman keeps dropping hints that he'd like to have one!

There are many people around our Valley with horses, so he does have lots of opportunity to ride if he wants to....

do you have a blog I can peek at? Please let me know if you do....thanks again and hope you'll keep reading!


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