Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pigs Like to Drink From the Hose!

Pretty warm here again yesterday, maybe 32 C or so....when it gets so warm, the pigs get soooo hot. Pigs Don't sweat - they are incapable of when it's so warm, we make sure to cool them down with the hose a few times a day....

Plus we spray a bunch of cool water into their "mudhole"...they Love it! They'll roll around in the wet mud for hours. This is Their way of cooling off....
Pigs Love to drink from the was so much fun to watch them. I was on my own yesterday so it was harder to get a good pic. Spraying the hose with one hand and snapping pics with the other, lol!
They Love trying to get drinks out of the water spray - it's like a game to them. Pigs are so cool to raise, so bright and sociable. Of course this makes it harder to do the deed in the fall, we learned that lesson last fall! We are Glad, tho, that we can offer the pigs such a carefree and easy life...much better for them than on a feedlot.
Look at Whitey, he was in there like a dirty shirt....when I started spraying their noses were Filthy Muddy....but they came out nice and clean, lol! Well...until all three of them plopped into their mudhole at the same time and started rolling around!
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