Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tomato Plants

It was time to spend an hour in the greenhouses again today...pulling off suckers....pulling off bottom leaves....The plants are all getting bigger, and soon it will get hard to get in there between them. So, at this point, we have to stay on top of pulling suckers....

I pick those bottom leaves off so I don't end up spraying them with water...yes, we have this greenhouse on a timer with a soaker hose, but when it's fairly warm out (like it has been here lately) I sometimes go in there in the afternoon and give them another shot of water...gets awfully hot sometimes in the greenhouses!

We have a fairly short growing season here, I see no point in putting the plant's energy into these bottom leaves, when it could be putting more energy into setting fruit and then ripening.....
Greenhouse 1 is coming along nicely, these plants were put in first. LOTS of flowers in there.

And this plant is in greenhouse 2....planted later....these are the ones that were so leggy. Doesn't seem to have hurt them at all. Just plant them deeper in the soil, bury them up their stems, and let them go.
And look what I found! The first tomato, this is in greenhouse 1.
The challenge here (Zone 3) is to get these things ripened on the vine. In the last couple years, I have been able to get a couple dozen maybe, vine ripened. The rest I have to bring inside (before a frost) and then they finish ripening inside....
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