Friday, August 15, 2008

On The Menu

On The Menu yesterday....

I thinned two rows of rutabagas and one row of mangels....this was down in the Animal Garden.

Check out the growth down there, boy it is looking awesome!

I think there are still 3 more rows of mangels to be thinned, plus 2 rows of sugar beets....yummy yummy for the 3 Little Pigs.....and I gave the hens a bunch of the leaves!

You can see some nice growth on the rutabagas! Am happy with that!

And the mangels are beginning to develop! Sweet.....

I had been picking in the morning...but the sprinklers go on in the morning (around 4am)....

so yesterday I Got Smart....after I fed them the two canners full, I right away went and thinned more veggies.

That way the veggies are cleaner, and I don't lose any of my precious garden soil! Sphere: Related Content

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