Friday, August 1, 2008

Saving Seed

Last year, I sowed a few carrots into the strawberry I can't remember WHY I did it! Anyway, I never pulled the carrots and this year, I have 3 plants coming up.....AND they are all in various stages of flowering.

So I'm going to let them go to seed (this year) and in the fall, I will hopefully be able to get the seeds from them. It will be interesting to see what happens next year when I plant the seed.
Pic to left are the carrots in flower.....
Then, a friend gave us 2 rutabaga plants that someone in the area had in their root cellar....she thought we may want to feed them to the pigs....well, of course, one thing after another and the days went by and the 2 rutabagas were Still sitting there to be dealt with.
I thought What the Heck, and planted them both in the new pig run/garden area....where I promptly forgot all about them, and actually pretty much ignored that whole garden as I was so busy elsewhere....
The garden has probably been watered a total of 4 times.....about 2 weeks ago, we noticed all the yellow flowers on the rutabagas....
The other day while we were down there doing in some of the meat birds, the Gman took a closer look at the rutabagas and showed me the guess what??? We're going to (hopefully) get a huge amount of rutabaga seed later this fall....we can store it and use it next year.....
I've also been busy with planning what to do with my buckwheat, trying to get the post done up on the meatbird slaughter process and about 100 other things.....busy busy time of year!
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