Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Herb Drying

We had an away day of our two deep freezes bit the dust awhile back, and so we have had to replace it.....

It's still sitting in its box in the back of the pickup, so we gotta take care of that this morning...

I've been talking to a few friends and it seems to be a consensus that summer is rapidly coming to an end.....I can scream "NOOOOOOOOOO" as long as I like, but it ain't gonna change anything.
Sooooo, I'm gonna have to start pulling a bunch of veggies out of the gardens, sniff sniff....the root veggies are fine to stay in for awhile longer....but I best get the zuccini out. And I'm still hoping to get more beans, but I dunno. They need the heat, and they just ain't getting enuf!
I've cut more herbs and have them inside. I've got them wrapped up, and they just need to get put in paperbags and hung up.....from the left there are Chives, more Lovage, a teeny tiny bit more Parsley, and a bunch of sure smells nice in the house right now, with all those herbs mingling together!
Today is the Gman's Birthday! So tonite, we're going to our local Legion for Dinner and a Dance, that should be lots of fun!
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