Thursday, September 11, 2008

Of Pigs and Potatoes

Our 3 Little Pigs ain't so little anymore, they're putting on weight quite nicely. We're looking to start "doing them in" next month.

So, we want to use them this last month, to get them to root up some vegetation around here, namely, the other "half" of their run.

This is where we planted the Animal Garden earlier this Spring.
I think we've got Potatoes, Mangels and Rutabagas planted in there. The potato tops are all brown and dead (thank You FROST, grrrr!) so it's time we can dig up the spuds.
Here's some of the Chieftains I planted in there. I'm actually fairly happy with the harvest, considering I neglected this garden terribly. I didn't even get down there to hill the potatoes! I could say I was doing an experiment, to determine harvests from gardens fully tended, halfway tended, and not tended at all.....but that'd be a lie!
Today, I'll get the rest of the spuds out of there. Then, we're going to remove the electric fence (you can see it in the piggy pic above) and then we can let the 3 Little Pigs into this area.
They'll root up all the mangels, rutabagas and whatever else they can find. We won't even bother to harvest those, we have lots more, and they can get their own dang meal every once in a while, right?
As an aside, I want to thank a certain reader (i don't know who you are) who is showing his/her appreciation for the info I have put onto this blog. Obviously, you're getting some benefit, and you're doing some clicking to say Thanks....
I appreciate that! It's quite a lot of work to try and put up a relevant post everyday.... I mean, there's Lots of stuff we do around here I can post on, but it's finding and setting aside the time to do it, that sometimes proves difficult....anyway, you're helping me out and I just want to say Thank You!
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Cristine's Story said...

I will now come out of lurkdom and tell you how much I love your blog. I read it and long to live the lifestyle that you do. I probably never will, but I do hope to at least have a small garden in my backyard at some point. You are very inspirational!

msholiday said...

I am also a lurker. I read you faithfully everyday. I send a lot of your info onto farmer friends. I love the way you treat your critters. Most farmer put them in the barn and that is their life. Pretty sad. Love the recipe's and will do the pickles and a few others that I have saved.
Thanks for your great effort.

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