Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Saving Seed for Next Year

Yesterday, the Moms gathered some Marigold seeds to take home with them....they each took a packet of yellow seed, and also one of orange marigold seed.

Barb also gathered carrot seed for me. I had planted a few carrots in the strawberry bed Last year (can't remember why!) then forgot to pull them at the end of the season.

So this year we just let them go, and after they flowered, the seed heads started to dry.

Now I should have lots of carrot seed for next year, I think they are Nantes Half Longs.....

And...this morning I carefully dug up some Sugar Beets and some Mangels. I will still need to dig up a couple of rutabagas and a few more Mangels.

I trimmed the tops to just a few inches, and didn't even touch the bottoms. I just left the dirt on them, put them in a box and will put them down in the cold room.

Come Spring, we'll bring them back out into the garden and let them go. When Fall comes, we should be able to harvest the seed pods to use the following year! Sphere: Related Content

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