Monday, September 8, 2008

Tomatoes! And More Beans

Last week, I started picking the tomatoes that were already turning.

here's a pic of some I picked this weekend....a Really Nice big one in there!

I want to get on with making salsa, but it's hard to have 6 lbs of tomatoes ripe at any One Time.

So I put them into a paper bag, unripe tomatoes along with a few red ripe ones....closed up the bag, and waited. The ripe ones will hasten the ripening of the green ones.

I checked on them most days so I could see the progress....yesterday the Gman went thru the bags, pulled out the really ripe ones, and left the others in there to continue.

The End Result is that I know I will have at least 6 lbs ripe ones in the next few days. So, whew! I can put off making salsa for the next couple days and move onto something else.

Here's one of the Really Happy with the way these are growing! Nice and big!

We thought we should weigh pound, not bad!!!

And we seem to be getting luck with the beans. I did another picking yesterday and managed to get 5 more pints canned up!

And there are lots more still on the plants, so if the weather holds and I can keep those row covers on, I should be able to get several more jars put up!

Enjoy your day! We have lots to do, so I better get a move on!

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