Monday, September 29, 2008

Uh, If Anyone Needs Me, I'll be In Da Hole!

In my spare moments (ha!) I'm still trying to get stuff OUT of the veggie garden. The last couple days, I been in Da Hole! I'll show u what I mean....

Couple months ago, we decided to start on a shop for the Gman. He's wanted one forever and, it being such a big project, it became easy to put off....we decided to get a start on it and hope we can get the foundation poured before the snow comes. Then we'll put the brakes on until next year. As we can afford it, we'll build it.

So here's a couple of pics....Whenever I get time, the Gman and I will post proper pics along with a description to give you an idea of what we're up the end it will be a 26 x 34 foot shop, suitable for the Gman to use to work on vehicles....a sideline business, hopefully.

Corner pins, see the orange ribbon? Man, we've spent a Lot of time in that hole!

A Step in the footing....

then came stringing wire, putting up bracing, all kinds of stuff....

Later, the wall forms get assembled...finally, late this afternoon, we crawled out of the hole....

After we finished for the day, I threw together a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (which the Gman has been asking for the past several days!) a pot of Chili and a loaf of bread....I'm tired, lol!

(My jars on salsa Still sitting on the counter)

Garden wise, the good news is I have finally pulled every single last potato out of the garden...the bad news is, they're still sitting in my kitchen (these are Russets). They've been there for 2 days and I still have to pull my seed potatoes out of there before I can move the rest down to the Cold Room. Maybe I can get that done first thing in the can see I still need to deal with the rest of the apples. I gotta get that done quick too!

Please send me good thoughts tomorrow....I'll be in Da Hole! Sphere: Related Content


Aunt Krissy said...

you're makeing me tired! I think I will take a 2 hour nap for you!

Anonymous said...

In high school, I had a home economics teacher who preached: Don't do ANYTHING standing up that you can do sitting down. This is good advice! Not in the hole, of course, but in the kitchen!
Sooz in NV

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts coming your way... it is tomorrow right? hehe

I hate that I get logged out and then I can't remember my blog password... old age I guess! :lol:

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. The shop foundation seems to be coming right along. How many pounds of apples do you have to do? Lots of potatoes too. It will soon be too cold to be out doors and you can relax.

Have a good day. AJM

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