Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Carrot Harvest

Late yesterday, I pulled the remaining carrots out of the Garden...I will have to deal with these today. I did manage to get the tops cut off (went to the Pigs) and got them all cleaned yesterday.
At some point today, I'll be hauling out the pressure canner, to get these dealt with.
But first, we're off to the Shop Site to finish getting the Big O and drainrock put down.....
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pamela said...

We grow carrots too-but I have never thought of canning them.
I make soup with them and freeze it. We are almost ready to start harvesting the fall kale and radishes. And our pepper plants are still blooming.But that's just about to come to an end I'm afraid.
It's deer season here starting Wed.
It's bow season and we have been doing a good job of hitting the bulleyes. We have deer everywhere.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm, those carrot's look so good. I never thought of canning them either.

this is a great blog!

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