Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting Ready for Winter

One of the final chores that needs doing before the Winter Snows come the woodstove.

Yesterday afternoon, it happened.....we do this a couple times a year. We basically use Only woodheat all winter in this house....except if it gets Really Cold, we turn on a few baseboard heaters in the basement, to keep things from freezing up!
Here's the Gman...he's wearing his fall arrest stuff....he will be tied off to a post on the front porch....

I hate watching this job....I can't help but watch to make sure he is ok, but I sure do hate watching! (I'd hate actually climbing that ladder even more, lol!)

Ok, there he goes....gulp

Ok, look up....look wayyyyyy up....there he is

And this is him when he is done!

Twenty two feet of cleaning rods going up and down the chimney.....

After he's done, he likes to sit up there and look over the fields, I think he is looking for deer or moose....
Once finished, I went in the house and cleaned the woodstove on the inside...threw all the ashes onto one of the manure piles.....

After he got that done, he moved on to finish off getting the camper ready for the snow....He has already drained all the lines and put antifreeze in the water lines.

He built an A-frame....then put a tarp over it. He fastened down the tarp using bungie cords, and then weighted it down with old jugs filled with water....another job done!
After that, he cleaned out the we think the only thing left is to cover the greenhouse with a tarp.
But...that can wait - we're going to spend the rest of this morning getting ready to go to the cottage....hopefully by mid-afternoon, we'll have the boat, wolf and everything else in the truck and we'll be taking off for a few days!
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Anonymous said...

Seems like today was project day for several of us. I'm terrified of heights and even look at the picture of your Dh up on the roof makes my stomach flip.

I hope you all enjoy your time at the cottage. :)

Anonymous said...

I would be frightened to watch that job being done also.

Enjoy your time off at the cottage~

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