Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Last Batches

I've been pulling the "last" of lots of stuff out of the gardens, and trying my best to deal with it all....a slow but steady journey!

I picked the last batch of strawberries, amazing to me they have still been producing, as the weather has definitely cooled down...a LOT! Washed em, threw em in da freezer, and yesterday moved them into a Ziplock and threw them back in da freezer.....

Picked the last of the onions, they are quite a bit smaller than the first batch, but they'll do.....snipped a bunch of the greens to set to dry.

And, the last batch of peppers....sliced them in half and set them on the shelf behind the woodstove to dry

On that shelf, I have onions, green onions, peppers, radish seed, and a bunch of other stuff drying....gotta keep the woodstove going now!

I'm also trying to get the garden weeded, spread manure and throw down fall rye.... Sphere: Related Content


Aunt Krissy said...

What kind of peppers are you drying? And how will you use them?

Annie said...

Hi Krissy, we did 2 kinds this year...Cayenne (the long thin ones) and Habaneroes (the plumper ones)

I use them when making my salsa, and I put in half a hab pepper in with each jar of pickled eggs....

Plus the Gman likes to be able to use them in chilis and other dishes....he loves to cook (lucky me!)

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