Saturday, October 4, 2008

Looks Like a Successful Foundation Pour!

Arggggg, what busy days! But here we are in October already, so within a month, things will be a LOT slower (plus I can sleep in!)

We've been really busy over the last week, getting things ready for pouring the concrete for the Gman's shop foundation. Yesterday morning, the pumper truck and concrete truck arrived, and that part of the job was done! Yipppeee!

Hoping to get some pics up over the weekend....anyway I got busy around the house yesterday after we were finished up at the shop. (We'll let the forms sit until tomorrow, then I think we can start stripping them off)

So yesterday, I checked my paper bags of ripening tomatoes and thought Yikes! Got awhack of them washed, quarted and thrown in the deep freeze. Then I started in on that box of apples I still have sitting around. I washed, cored, peeled and sliced 4 more Ziplocks full, and threw Them in the freezer. Today I will try to get around to making Applesauce out of the rest of them, but if they sit for a few more days, that won't matter.....

We went to a friend and got a trailerfull of horse manure....sigh, so today (and it's lightly raining) I can go out there and shovel at that crap out of there.....I gotta get it in the chicken run, so the girls can work it over, then I need to get it onto the garden.

The garden is getting emptier and emptier...not that I've had time to go in, weed, plant fall rye and then throw manure on top....that's still on my list! But bit by bit, everything will get done.

Took a nice Fall pic of some leaves the other day....our valley is so pretty in the Fall! We were sitting on the porch the other nite, and I was soooo tired....we had a gorgeous view out over the valley, with the sun hitting the mountain...and all those yellow and orange leaves! But I was too tired to walk 50 feet to get the camera,lol! Another time....
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pamela said...

I do not have a blog- but I sure do love reading yours.

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