Monday, October 20, 2008

Moving da Outhouse

When we moved into this country place, there were a couple of things that bugged us....the Main one was the location of that all important building....the Outhouse!

We're glad the previous owners built one...they can come in awfully handy during those power failures! (Altho using it in mid-February ain't so great!)

But why, o why, was that outhouse placed right IN the yard? Dunno....but I couldn't stand it! Everytime I looked out over our gardens, that bloody Outhouse was there! In every picture I took, there was that Outhouse!


There it is again!

It actually came in handy while it was up in the garden, not for that, but for storage.

The first summer, we used it to store hay...yes, seriously. If I had known then I would start a blog, I woulda taken a pic!

Then it was used to hold our garden stakes and greenhouse lumber!

Uggghhhh, so finally early this Spring, before we built that new greenhouse, the Gman moved it! Sooo handy having an excavator!

He moved it down closer to the barn, in the trees....and there it sat, with no roof on it for all of the summer. Finally, a couple of days ago, we got the roof put took half an hour, lol. Amazing how procrastination works sometimes, isn't it???

I did manage to get it painted, tho :)

So, here it is, all done (well, not quite, it needs a door still, with a moon crescent cut up) I even hung a thingy up on the side. Next Spring, I'll make a proper pathway from the seating area, down thru the trees, past the Outhouse, and will carry the pathway along to the Barn.

Another thing OFF the List! Sweet!
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Anonymous said...

Wow, all the youngsters could take a lesson from you all about good hard work! The courts should send some of these lazy people who won't just get off of their rears and work out to a place like yours for awhile.

Hey, I read your post about the pigs..remember, I'm the one who is a vegetarian. You are gave the pigs a good home and shelter and also good food. I was sad too to know they were gone BUT the life they had was GOOD which is much better than most! Oh, and i am so glad their were no pics:-)

JJJ said...

Too funny they would put it right out there... the trees are right there for goodness sake - they could have just tucked it in the trees, right?

Oh, and I'm glad you are adding the doors! ;-)

(Oh, did you get caught up on my blog yet? You missed a bit!) :-)

Linda Foley said...

I love the outhouse Annie. It'll be cool when you get the path and door done...

Aunt Krissy said...

I like to use the outhouse in the
winter, no stink! You do have to be fast though! Sometimes thats hard if the northren lights are out.

Anonymous said...

Re: pigs
Every year, one of my friends raised a meat steer from a calf. Of course, everyone got attached to him, including the small kids, since he was the only one. He would play with the dogs and come to the fence to greet them when they fed. They had a terrible time at butchering time.
Finally, they got in contact with someone down the road who also raised a steer.
And they swapped at butchering time.
I think it's only natural to form an attachment to something you've cared for day in and day out.
Sooz in NV

Annie said...

Thanks all for the comments! Robin, we do work really hard for part of the year, then we more than make up for it with a LOT of relaxing once the snow comes...then we settle in for the winter!

JJJ, hope your little guy is all better now...a rough start for him!

Sooz in NV...the Gman is already starting to think about getting a feeder calf...gulp, the ones I have seen are awfully cute!

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