Saturday, October 11, 2008

Putting the Garden to Bed

Things are getting wrapped up around here! It's been busy, yes....but we sure can tell we're knocking things off the list!

I've been out in the main veggie garden for the last few days, harvesting, weeding, sowing fall rye,'s a big garden (2400 sq feet) and so it feels like it takes Simply Forever to get it all put to bed for Winter.
But I'm making good headway - the whole right hand side is Done! The left hand side is more than half done.....I still have to pull carrots (Soon!), then will have only Swiss Chard, Kale and a bit of Lettuce left.
Yesterday, I did a really good weeding on the Asparagus Bed, then went and edged all around the outside of the Bed. Then threw down a bunch of straw to provide a mulch for the Winter.
This morning, I cut the strawberries back....they still had Lots of Flowers and quite a few small berries on them, but they were sure getting frosted. After I trimmed them all, I threw a bunch of Straw on top of them too.
I also threw a bunch of Straw around my 2 Grape Vines....I sure hope they make it!
This morning, the first Pig started his trip to Freezer Camp....the other two will be done by Friday this coming week. It's kinda hard for us, better tho I think, than last year....we got far too attached to them last year....not good.
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