Saturday, November 22, 2008

Canning Pea Soup

The other day, the Gman made up a big pot of ham and pea soup....homegrown and homesmoked ham, along with those Alaskan peas that we grew in the garden this summer. He added some other goodies, carrots, lovage and other herbs and cooked it for the day over our woodstove.
We decided to can up the leftovers, we've got 6 jars in the canner.
Since we got the smoothtop stove, we're leery of using it for we picked up one of these attaches to the propane tank of our now I guess all the canning will be done outdoors!
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Aunt Krissy said...

What is lovage? Does it go by another name? whats it close to in taste? Rosemary? Thyme?
My friend cans with that kind of system and I loved helping her. keeps the kitchen from getting so hot. Next fall I want to can with that kind of set up. My Dad and Mom will be here next week. Maybe I can get my Dad to do that timer thing.

Annie said...

Hi Krissy....Lovage is a wonderful herb that we use a Lot of! It tastes like celery, only stronger. Some people think a little goes a long way...

check out here:

I'm sure I have a pic somewhere of the plant in the garden, but can't put my fingers on it....maybe I can post a pic when I find it...

If your Dad can do basic electrical work, he'll be able to do the timer for you quite easily....hope you find it makes a big difference, we sure are glad we put one on!



Annie said...

Ooops, should have added that lovage is a perennial, another bonus....

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