Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gardens... Families ....and Genes

Awhile ago, Kathryn from Surrey asked if I had a farming gene....the short answer is Yes, I guess I do!

For the longer answer, keep reading, lol....

I have always loved to garden. It used to be that I concentrated mainly on flowers and shrubs....more often than not tho, whatever the circumstances in life, I had a small veggie garden. When the boys were young, for awhile we had a huge veggie garden, tho not as big as what I have now.....that was back in the day, on the Coast, where I could grow my beloved Corn.

So, yeah I guess I have pretty much always gardened, starting with the first house I ever owned....

My parents didn't really garden, I do remember a couple of years that they put in a veggie garden, but Dad was always very busy with work, and Mom always had lots of other stuff to concentrate on, so they stopped. They've always liked their flowers tho!

My maternal grandparents.....oh my Grandpa had a garden, I'll tell you! He always grew a big garden, and had fruit trees, and peaches growing...he was a really good gardener. He and Grandma would grow lots veggies, and Grandma would freeze them and can some....they Both had grown up on family farms in Holland.

Both my Dad and my Mom and their familes went thru World War II, living in Holland.

After Grandpa and Grandma immigrated to Canada in the 50's they first settled in Alberta, then went west to Vancouver Island. Bought a dairy farm in Chemainus...I still remember being little, maybe 5, and going to THE FARM. Oh we loved to go to the farm....I always loved being with my Grandpa and Grandma. I remember jumping in the hay loft with my cousins and aunts....boy that was some fun!

My paternal Grandparents lived in Holland (my whole family is from Holland). He managed a farm there, livestock and also crops, tho I'm not sure what kind. They had their own garden behind their house, and if I remember right, the house was next door to the farm my Pake managed....( know, Friesen for Grandpa).

No, you probably don't know...ok, Holland is made up of provinces, same as Canada. Friesland is a province - they have their own dialect. So, they don't speak true Dutch, they speak Friesen..or Friesan, however it's spelt....Pake is Grandpa, and Beppe is Grandma....there ya go.

We went their when I was 10...wonderful trip...flat flat kidding....same as the Prairies, I flat your dog could run away from home. Three days later, you could still see him out there on the horizon...yes, that flat....

A lot of Holland was reclaimed from the sea...hence, it's flat.

Boy, I sure am getting off track here, aren't I?

So anyway, Kathryn, yes I guess I do have a gardening gene! But a person doesn't need one to start gardening....all you need is the desire. Start real small and see what can't hurt! Sphere: Related Content


Anonymous said...

Thank-you Annie,
Believe me - I will.....(start small and give it a try, that is)
Kathryn : )

Annie said...

Sounds'll do great! Hopefully you can spend some time this winter doing some reading...that'll start you thinking about all kinds of options!

I put up another book review today, fwiw


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