Monday, December 1, 2008

John Seymour's Self-Sufficient Life

I've read this book a few times - I like has lots of info and also lots of illustrations. I find that helps when the author is describing how to build something!

It covers veggie/berry gardening....livestock (including butchering) ....working your fields. Dairying, brewing (ooooooh!) energy and even crafts are included.

He has a plan in there, a diagram, for how a family could set up 1 acre of land. There's also a plan for 5 acres of land...showing how it could be set up for family, gardens and livestock.

I don't own this book, I sometimes take it out of the Library.

That's because I have This book! Self Sufficiency The Science and Art of Producing and Preserving Your Own Food, also by John (and Sally) Seymour. My friend gave this to me after I moved up here....she had 2 copies! It's the same as the other book, only different! And it's pocketbook size, so I can tuck it in my purse and take along with me, if I have to wait somewhere for an appointment. I've read it front to back many times. Plus, it's a really enjoyable read.....

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1 comment:

Aunt Krissy said...

I work at a library, I will have to check them out. My problem is I would rather read the book then do what the book says!

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