Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's the KGal's Birthday today!

Happy Birthday KGal!!!

I wish I had pics of her when she was little, but her parents are out of country, and the Nman doesn't have any pics of when she was itty bitty.

I've watched Kgal grow up from her mid-teens, she's the fiance of my youngest, the Nman (also known as Help Desk, lol!)

Now she's in her early 20's, has had her head firmly on her shoulders for years now, and is reaping the benefits.....

She's become a world the past few years she has travelled to Palm Springs, Las Vegas, San Diego, England, several countries in Europe, the Far East, and several other places I can't remember....she loves exploring and seeing new things.

Here she is at Joshua Tree National Park....

She went from kindergarten right thru Grade 12 in French, every single school day was conducted solely in French, I can't even imagine.

After high school graduation, she immediately went to school for Respiratory Therapy, and has a good job on the Coast (in one of the big hospitals close to Vancouver).

She makes my Nman very happy, they've been together for years and they are a really good fit!

She has a dog named Kitty, and a Mom named Cat....I get a kick out of that.

(Actually, BOTH my boys' gals mothers are named Cat...what the heck are the odds of that????)

Here is Kimono Kitty wearing a new outfit that came all the way from the Far East...

Have a wonderful day today hon....make sure Nman takes you out for a really nice fancy schmancy dinner!

Love ya,

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1 comment:

Aunt Krissy said...

Happy birthday to you! I wish I had had my head on when I was that age! Good for you!

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